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Professional Approach
Our approach is one of 'understanding' the needs of a project. Understanding is achieved from full consideration of the needs of the Client, the urban context, building standards, technical requirements, the Planning system, costs, programmes, and construction processes. Our approach is to gain a full 'understanding' of each project and use this as the catalyst for formulating and developing a successful architectural response.
GCA has a track record of successful site specific sustainable projects.  Our approach is based on building a good understanding of Social, Environmental and Economic factors.  These principles inform our design process from Inception to Completion and beyond. We work with our Clients to tailor each new project to a 'Sustainability Agenda' that can inform the core brief and can serve as a Checklist throughout the design development.
Health and Safety
GCA has pioneered locally the placement of Health & Safety issues at the centre of the design process. This approach is born out of liaison with UK architectural practices and implementation of UK derived systems of formal checks at various design stages. We believe this has resulted in an unblemished H&S track record on all our many high profile public projects.
Quality Management
GCA has in place a formal Quality Management System for the delivery and monitoring of design and production services that accords with the principles set out in internationally recognised standards.   We strive to ensure the delivery of the highest quality standards for design and production for each and every Commission.
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